Selling your Bible?

British Family Bibles is a new venture. Its intention is to locate and sell via the WWW, family bibles, prayer books and other genealogical resources to the descendants of their original owners.

Such a venture exists in America. Clearly, it is a success there. There is also an internet mailing list and other internet resources dedicated to family Bibles. But for such a venture to succeed it must be coordinated and we believe that we can do this, for British Bibles at least, by gathering them under one domain - - and selling them there.

Clearly - it's not going to be simple to sell any individual bible. On the other hand, any bible that does sell should command a proportionately higher price than it would if simply sold as a bible. The Genealogical information in the bible is extremely valuable - but only to the appropriate person, if such a person even exists!

So we need stock, either for outright purchase, to hold ourselves or to sell by proxy.

How we can help you.

Outright Purchase

We can buy the bible, if the price is right and if it contains genealogical information.

Proxy Selling

We will need from you details of the bible and of the family in it. We will then add it to our site. Once we find a buyer, we will check with you that it is still unsold. If so, we will reserve it and sell it to the customer. Once we have his money, we will send you your price and you will despatch the bible straight to the customer.

Empty Bibles

If the Bible does not contain family genealogical information, sorry but we are not currently interested. That situation may change once the site is going.

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