Salter Family Bible

The following transcription and notesprovided by Colin Salter who says

I have a typed transcription of the entries in the bible. The entries were all made around the start of the 19th century, and the transcription was made by my uncle as a young man in the 1940s. I don't know the present whereabouts of the bible. Those named in the entries all seem to be very close relatives of my ancestors, and perhaps of limited interest to anyone else, but in the interests of shared knowledge, perhaps your website would want to carry the transcription? The footnotes are mine. EKS is my great great aunt Emily Katherine Salter. The first-mentioned John Salter of Coles Hill is my 5 x great grandfather. I am very happy to enter into e-correspondence with anyone looking for or coming up with further information.

John Gurney Salter's transcription from the Salter Family Bible

A handwritten note at the head of the first page: "E.K.S. from J.G.S." and, added later "returned Jan. 1940"
A copy of the Inscription which is written inside the Salter Family Bible (at present at 23 Ladbroke Grove.[1])
N.B. All abbreviations are written out here in full.

JGS then types a tree based on this information, with ink additions from "Aunt Emily's list"[4] and "Gurney Book"[5]


[1] Strikethrough added later by hand - the body of the text is typed.

[2] JGS notes "Owing to a portion of the margin being missing, I was unable to discover the first name of Mss Lewin who was the first wife of Stephen Salter, (the one who lived from 1728-1807); the same fault prevented me from obtaining the first word on the following line. In the first page of this transcript where this passage occurs I have signified both these ommissions by means of -----."

[3] JGS notes "The writer of one of the passages appears to have been mistaken when he or she states ". Stephen and Elizabeth Salter ." when previous entries show that Stephen and Sarah Salter is what is intended." [4] This may refer to the short tree and note from EKS attached to JGS's transcript, which include the EKS additions to JGS' tree, namely the children of David and John Salter

[5] "Some Particulars of the Lives of William Brodie Gurney and his Immediate Ancestors" - JGS refers us to p122, which has a short tree of the Salter family


Bible is in possession of Colin Salter.
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