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this is a list of the Bibles whose genealogical records are quoted on this site or which are available via a link. If you have a bible you would like quoted here, see BFB site home page.

Family NameAncestors DatesPlaceCountyNoteAdded
Amos Henry and Eliza (?) 1833-1924Bocking Essex FS 2002 01 24
Ashworth James and Emma (?) 1835-1954ManchesterGreater ManchesterQuot2002 04 16
Barker Alfred Miller and Esther (?) 1841-1955Saffron WaldenEssex FS 2002 01 24
Bennett William Bennett and Ellen Solomon 1822-1899 Brockley London2018 08 18
Bone William and Jane (Ritchie) 1834-1916Scotland, Newbury, USABerkshireEx2002 06 29
Butler William thomas and Mary (Bowman)
and Rosina Maud Ellen (Gunn)
1891-1987Kidlington, Nottingham, OxfordOxfordshire. NottinghamshireFX2012 03 28
Calnon 1884-1953KingstonSurreyFX2009 05 02
Carruthers George and Sarah 1824-1865 FX2007 03 04
Chandler 1884-1953KingstonSurreyFX2009 05 02
Dickson Charles 1811-1850Dumfrieshire ScotlandQuot2002 06 18
CockJoseph1867 - 1872...2021 10 18
English William and Mary (Crawforth) 1814-1837DownhamNorfolk FX 2002 08 08
Farnworth 1840-1934..FX2009 02 2
Farrants Annie 1879..FS2013 05 15
FitzpatrickHenry and Emma (Gray) 1836-1962PendletonLancashire AO2002 09 03
Foden Enoch and Matilda (?) 1835-1876..Quot2008 04 16
Foster Lambert Hodgson and Mary Emily (Wheelwright) 1826-1949Leeds YorkshireAO2011
Fullilove / Crisp Coventry, Ramsey and Croydon Wtd2013
Henthorne Joshua and Betty (?) 1829-1941Manchester Greater ManchesterQuot2002 05 26
Hewson thomas and Annie (Farrants) 1854-1938Cambridge Cambs AO2002 01 24
Howard Jonathan and Elizabeth (?) 1827-1913Northampton NorthantsFX2002 06 09
Huggett William and Elizabeth (Wells) 1781-1876. 20122009 05 0
Jamison James and Jane N (Paul) 1854-1872. .Quot2005 05 24
King William and Judith Sacker (Woodgate) 1809-1869East BergholtSuffolkFX2009 03 12
Morgan William and Elizabeth (?) 1864-1871Cardiff .FX2002 12 20
o'Donnell Rose and Meaggy (?) 1833-1883Londonderry and StrabaneUlsterFS2002 05 27
Oxford Samuel John and Nellie (Horton) 1887-1938Polesworth, WartonWarwickshireEx2002 07 03
Parnell John and Mary (?) 1720-1737. .FX2002 05 20
John and Ann (Ison) 1792-1807Nuneaton and Birmingham. 2002 05 20
Patten John Edward Drury and
Hannah Louise (Piper)
1874-1905Bishops StortfordHertfordshireFX2009 02 22
Pickering John and Ann (Claisson) 1760-1832StocktonCleveland Quot2002 08 25
Plumb James, Henry and Mary (?) 1787-1823Brandon SuffolkAO2002 06 05
Procter James and Eliza Ann (Taylor) 1837-1960Sowerby BridgeYorkshire Quot2002 08 07
Rice Henry and Ann (Weall) 1816-1894WestminsterLondon AO2007 01 04
Salter Stephen and ? (Lewin) and Sarah (Groom) 1728-1832AmershamBucks Quot2006 05 11
SherwoodJohn and Sarah Ann (?) 1825-1878CrundaleKentLink2009 02 16
Spinks Henry, thomas, Jane and Elizabeth 1780-1879Saffron WaldenEssex FS2002 04 16
Stirling John and Mary (Stirling) 1850-1857Australia, Glasgow. FX2002 06 16
thorp Samuel and Rhoda 1822-1912Swavesey CambridgeshireAO2009 08 11
Torrens John and Martha (Morrison) 1840-1932Drumbo N.Ireland Ex2002 01 26
Turner William and Elizabeth (trudgett?) 1839-1923BurwellCambs Ow2002 03 23
Wilson Henry and Ada Lucy (Woods) 1871-1939Peterborough. FX2002 06 06
Waite George and Bertha (Woods) 1869-1904Baluchistan + Bombay.FX2002 06 06
Woods Ephraim and Charlotte (Haines) 1844-1972.. FX2002 06 06
World John and Barbara (Mannings) 1774-1796.. Ex2002 01 29


Not all of these bibles are for sale.

Key to Note column, above.

Family Name
Click on the link for more information on this bible and the entries in it.

Is the names of the Earliest entries in the Bible, husband first then wife.
the wife's maiden name is shown in brackets, thus (Morrison), or if not known (?).

the earliest and last mentioned dates in the family data.

If places are mentioned in the bible, they are here but often it's not possible to know where the family lived, so this is the place where we acquired the bible. Probability is that the family may have lived in the area. See individal Bible pages for any additional clues.

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