Wanted: FULLILOVE / CRISP Family Bible

Frederick Arthur CRISP, the eminent 19th/20th century genealogist and antiquarian, included a transcript of the flysheets of a 1599 "Christopher Barker" bible in his privately printed Fragmenta Genealogica volume 12 in 1906, citing the bible as being "in my possession", a description he seems to have used only when he had the entire bible, rather than just the flysheets. This documented my FULLILOVE family in Coventry, Ramsey and Croydon from 1668 to 1855.

CRISP died in 1921 and his library, which included a very large number on family bibles, was auctioned at Sotheby's during 1922. I am urgently seeking news of the now whereabouts of this bible or its flysheets, or indeed deposits of other "Crisp" bible.

Please contact Roderick Fullilove, 26, Wakefield Gardens, London SE19 2NR or call +44 7880 681933

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