Farrants Family Bible


Browns Self-Interpretating Family Bible.
Printed by: John G Murdoch. 41 Castle Street, Holborn
Size: 33 x 27 x 9cm


a lovely bible, with two brass clasps to hold it closed. It is in good condition but the front cover has broken away.


Both these names are written inside the front cover. There is no information in the pages for family history, but Annie Farrants is known to have married Thomas Vincent Hewson [2] on 8th November 1884 at St Mary's Church Bury St. Edmunds and Ellen Mary is their daughter. Nothing is known about Ellen Mary (aka Nellie), but as the family bible was never filled in, it must be assumed that she did nor marry.

The Hewson bible is a complement to this bible.


Acquired: the Bible is currently with the site owner, Richard Torrens and is available.


can be supplied.

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