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Many bibles contain important genealogical material. However in Britain many of these bibles have been (and still are being) destroyed at an alarming rate, since booksellers can only sell them as bibles - not as genealogy. Many of them are in a poor state so are unsellable and are therefore destroyed by the auction houses or other finders.

British Family Bibles was orginally set up to try to stem the tide of this destruction. We are asking people to locate these bibles and to let us know about them.

Purpose of this site

We specialise in British and Irish family bibles with genealogy information.

Since this site will contain transcripts from many bibles, many of these Bibles are not for sale - though some of their owners may be persuaded to take an offer!

Selling your bible?

If it has no genealogy, sorry, I cannot help. But if it has interesting genealogy, I can:

Placing a family bible can take a long time, so although you should get a better price by the second means, there is no guarantee that you will ever sell it! See Selling your Bible for more information.

Go to our list of names and take a look. There are some photos of the Bibles and a run-down on the family information therein.

Or you can use our link to Google's search engine to search our site or the Internet.

Have a Bible you'd like to share?

Use the Contact button to let us have the information. As email addresses are ephemeral, please supply your full postal address so any other interested parties may contact you in the future. We won't publish this but will pass it on to future contacts.

For surfer's convenience I am trying to make all the pages the same format so please see one of the bibles pages such as the Hewson one, for an example of the ideal way we would like to present it. Simply send us the text and we will 'pad it out'. Please npte that I do not have time at present to transcribe text from photographs but can add photographs to your transcription.

I'm also trying to compile a list of editions so owners can find out about dates etc their Bible may have been printed. Information here is difficult to get, so any assistance is welcome.

Other Bible records sites

There are several other sites either selling bibles or listing their contents, most are interested in American bibles.

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